Wait is over…

So after waiting for what felt like forever, the landlord contacted us and said when we want it, it’s ours! I am pretty sure I started jumping up and down at my work from happiness! 🙂

One thing that we found out afterwards, is that our apartment comes with some history! The owner of the flat is actually the widow of the Berlin famous artist, Kurt Mühlenhaupt, his works can be found in the Kurt Mühlenhaupt Museum! That is where the bathroom tile inspiration came from in the apartment. Feel free to check out the museum link below:


So we are now about 80% moved… And now starts the ‘fun’ of unpacking! I swear, unpacking is even worse than packing. It seems every time that I think I must be getting close to being finished there is 20 more boxes!!! Also I have learned the importance of measuring…. We have one of those very practical IKEA Expedit shelves (you know the kind that can store everything), and I measured one centimeter off…. Incredibly irritated with myself see photos below. I am not a perfectionist, but this is just going to drive me crazy! I gotta find a new location for the bookshelf….



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