It’s all in the details: Knobs, Handles, Knöfe, Griffe

Usually its the small things that make a big difference!

I absolutely loves KNOBS! I wish sometimes that I had more dressers/closets, just to be able to browse, search, and hunt, for beautiful knobs. It is one of the easiest ways to update and improve an existing piece of furniture.

Things to consider before purchasing:

  1. Size of existing hole (not that you fall in love with a new piece and it doesn’t fit – been there done that).
  2. Cost! Sometimes they seem cheap but if you need 10+ knobs it can get expensive fast.
  3. Make sure it always comes with a washer and a fitting bolt. Otherwise the knob will randomly spin and drive you nuts.

Where can a knob make a big difference?

I think, if you are re-inventing a piece of furniture or need it for a new purpose it can make a huge difference. For example, I purchased this Hemnes Dresser a few years ago, and the gray brown color with simple knobs was perfectly suiting for the living room. I lived with a good friend, we had a great color combo going on, and this helped tone the room down. Now, 3 years later, I want to use this Hemnes Dresser in place of a changing table in the nursery. And it simply stood out like a sore thumb. Looked way too ‘adult like’, color clashed, and needed some TLC. By adding colorful and varying knobs from ZARA Home, it breathed new life into the dresser and makes it much more suiting for a nursery.

Dresser w:new knobs

Sounds humorous, but always double check before you buy, just because a knob is beautiful doesn’t mean it will make your furniture beautiful. 😀 I made a mistake on one of my small DIY projects that I already featured, namely, I chose pretty knobs without considering the background of the vitrine.

Pretty knobs, bad background.
Pretty knobs, bad background.

A general rule of thumb: if the furniture is light darker knobs will look better, if the furniture is dark lighter knobs will look better. Of course there are always exceptions to this, but in this case it is definitely true. On a happy note, it means I will get to go shopping and look for new knobs to replace these ones!!! 😀 AND find a new home for these knobs.

Here is the final result of the updated Hemnes Dresser for the Nursery:

New knobbed Hemnes!


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