Easy DIY Dresser to Changing Table, Wickeltisch

Like lots of other couples living in apartments, we knew right away that our dresser would need to double up as a changing table. The IKEA Hemnes dresser, ended up being a great option for us, I am quite leggy, and wanted something that I didn’t need to constantly hunch over, and it has such great storage possibilities! Half the drawers are actually still empty (which apartment dwellers know is very very rare). 😛 I will use the half empty drawers to stock up on diapers. But first, I need meet Baby H to see how big he is before I stock up. 🙂

Hemnes Diaper Storage


So to help protect the dresser a bit, I bought a simple colorless and odorless Beeswax. You can purchase this from any hardware store or if you do purchase your dresser from Ikea they also sell it. Then with a simple paper towel, I rubbed (pretty hard) the wax in. I was just going to do the top layer, but then I thought about my friend’s children and crayons, and decided it wouldn’t hurt to do the entire dresser! 😀 The entire process took only 10 minutes.

Beeswax protection

The only other ‘extra protection’ I did, was I slipped a disposable changing pad mat underneath the 3 layered cloth changing pad. I chose a cloth layered pad because winters can be pretty rough here and I can not imagine putting Baby H on a ice cold plastic pad. Plus, everyone knows what they say when you change baby boy diapers with cold air! 😛

I still have a lot of finishing touches and more art & photos that I need to put up… but here is the result of the repurposed dresser:

Changing Table/Wickeltisch


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