Countdown begins; Post 1- Top 5 Things You Should Buy Secondhand


(Not in any particular order)

1. Furniture!– if you hunt and browse, second hand stores, eBay, craigslist, garage sales, etc. You can not only save hundreds but you often end up with a better quality more unique piece than buying new! Case in point, this Italian black leather sofa I found on an online forum:

Black Leather Sofa

I would never have been able to afford it new!

2. Books!!! All kinds. You can save hundreds & hundreds by buying used books. Both Sascha and I are avid readers, so this is one area we save a lot of money. Recently, as I have been looking to purchase children’s book second hand, I realized how much I missed one of my favorite Munich books stores, The Munich Readery. Their website is hideous but I promise popping into their store you will find something! I would also love if anyone had any great recommendations for secondhand children’s books in Berlin 🙂

3. Paintings! Paintings are really hard for me to pick out. But I would say about half of the artwork we have is secondhand. With paintings, I would argue this is one of the only times to be an impulse buyer! If you see a piece you love, but are unsure, buy it anyways! Because it is very likely that within the next few hours it will not be there anymore. I did this with an awkward Picasso print, I was on the fence debating in the store for like 40 minutes whether or not to purchase it. Thankfully I did, and now it is one of my favorite pieces in the flat!

4. Vases (and other misc. deco items, like a clock)! At least in Germany, Vases are incredibly over priced. (I am not talking about Ikea or Bauhaus here). I am talking about handmade items. If you are a flower lover, like me, than second hand vases are a must! I purchased this vase for seriously 2 €! It was handmade from Tuscany. Likely it would have been around 100 € in the store.

Tuscan Vase


5. Clothes (especially children’s clothes)! This is the obvious one. Not only is it better for the environment but also much better for your wallet! Good quality baby clothes in Germany are very expensive so for finding good brands I always look for secondhand items! If anyone needs help or recommendations regarding which stores, feel free to PM me! I could go on and on otherwise in this category 🙂

For those individuals who do not have to worry about budget, I would still recommend checking out some secondhand stores! I am often surprised by how many hidden treasures are out there! 🙂


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