Countdown Cont… Post 3- A little Balcony TLC

Thanks to the beautiful weather, I was inspired to finally get some work done on the balcony! 🙂 Luckily, as its Saturday, I had Sascha’s help so I didn’t have to lift anything. We actually spent under 100 € on the entire thing and it really makes a big difference! Here is a before photo (another blank canvas pretty much):

Pretty much bare...
Pretty much bare…

And, because I think it is important to show photos in progress, here is us doing the prep work and taking a break in-between! 🙂

Balcony Set Up Collage


Surprisingly, the actually work didn’t take long. We spent about 2 hours total setting up all the plants, adding fresh soil, clean up, etc. The part that took forever was the shopping. Saturday mornings, as the shops are closed in Germany on Sunday, is NOT FUN. Some helpful tips to remember:

  1. Remember to bring an old blanket or towel with you when you go shopping so you don’t ruin the interior of your car. Even though we specially had a box, soil still went everywhere all over the blanket.
  2. Someone (maybe my mother or father?) once told me to take bar soap and scratch your fingernails on it before you start. Then, when you wash your hands later, the dirt comes out easily. Genius tip 🙂
  3. You wouldn’t think something so small like adding an Herb Garden or even a few pots of flowers makes a big difference but it does. You feel so good once you are done. We literally just sat outside for an extra hour smiling and enjoying the smells of all the fresh herbs. So peaceful and worth every penny spent.

Here is a shabby panoramic photo of the end result 🙂 I still need to add accessories but for two hours of work I am feeling pretty good about it! Basics are at least done!

Pano! Balkon!


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