Countdown Cont… Post 4- Fighting the urge to be a pregnant hermit!

Exactly as the title says, I am not sure if other pregnant women experience this, but I am really having to fight the urge to not be a hermit! I am not sure if it is because I am one day past my original due date, or because it is so hot here right now, or if I am just being ridiculous but it is like pulling teeth to drag me out of the house 😛

Yesterday, as we got a lot done in the flat, Sascha said we had to go out today and sight see a little bit! Although I originally threw a hissy fit, I am glad he persuaded me. We spent three hours at Berlin’s lovely Wannsee. It was absolutely gorgeous! Finally saw some SAND in Germany 🙂

Two things that will take me awhile to get used to in Berlin:

  1. Most beaches you have to pay to get in to! We had to pay 11 euros.
  2. Despite the 11 euro fee they only had two people working the entrance way. Meaning, we literally had to queue 30 minutes to enter!!! I had never even fathomed that there could be a queue line at a beach.

However, despite the long queue and entrance fee, I must honestly say it was gorgeous and that I would recommend people visiting Berlin when its warm to definitely pay the beach a visit. Especially great for people who love to people watch! You see tons of different cultures, singles, families, young couples, old couples, pretty much everyone was enjoying the sun today. I forgot our camera at home (blaming pregnancy brain), but just snapped these photos with the iPhone. It was so lovely there I think it would have been hard to take a bad photo!

Wannsee Berlin May 25th

Hope everyone had a great weekend! 🙂


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