A little background

Simple Midwestern girl who dreams big and sometimes has the tendency to plan too much. Somehow I found my soul mate living half the world away and we are turning our family of 2 into 3 this Spring!

I was trying to think of how it would be appropriate to categorize this blog- but like my plans my blog ideas might also be too big!  (Plus, being 7 months pregnant tends to fog my clarity). So please be patient with my chaotic energy as I write about Expat living, amateur photography, attempts at interior design, enjoying life, pregnancy, maternity, babies, and anything else I might jot down.

with chocolate & ice cream, pretty much my favorite things! :-)
with chocolate & ice cream, pretty much my favorite things! 🙂

Why ‘The Rented Nest’?

Perhaps German literalness has finally rubbed off on me, in all seriousness though, most Germans rent, and we have followed suit. So most of the blogs regarding interior design and Expat living will be associated with renting a flat not owning a house. Although, I won’t say that I wouldn’t love to buy a flat in the future! And I love the word nest even more than home, because it is a home that you had to first find a place, then build, and then continuously cultivate. A great mental image actually 🙂

Me & a farm pup


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