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Staying in our new HOMETOWN for Easter!

Typically Berliners go out of Berlin for the long Easter weekend, but we decided to make the most of the April weather, and try to explore more of our new ‘hometown’.

Overcast clouds, always seem to produce the best photos with my iPhone. And I definitely wasn’t disappointed taking numerous photos of the Berliner Dom. I included the wiki page incase anyone is interested:

Anyways just want to wish you all a lovely Easter Weekend!!!! ❤



Wait is over…

So after waiting for what felt like forever, the landlord contacted us and said when we want it, it’s ours! I am pretty sure I started jumping up and down at my work from happiness! 🙂

One thing that we found out afterwards, is that our apartment comes with some history! The owner of the flat is actually the widow of the Berlin famous artist, Kurt Mühlenhaupt, his works can be found in the Kurt Mühlenhaupt Museum! That is where the bathroom tile inspiration came from in the apartment. Feel free to check out the museum link below:

So we are now about 80% moved… And now starts the ‘fun’ of unpacking! I swear, unpacking is even worse than packing. It seems every time that I think I must be getting close to being finished there is 20 more boxes!!! Also I have learned the importance of measuring…. We have one of those very practical IKEA Expedit shelves (you know the kind that can store everything), and I measured one centimeter off…. Incredibly irritated with myself see photos below. I am not a perfectionist, but this is just going to drive me crazy! I gotta find a new location for the bookshelf….


So, let the hunt begin…

Seriously, hunt is not even being dramatic when it comes to searching for an apartment in some of urban cities in Germany (aka Berlin, Munich, Hamburg). Now add on top of it, a family friendly apartment with 3 rooms. Which reminds me- for some reasons Germans sometimes like to create systems that just make living here more confusing for foreigners, I swear the German forefathers are somewhere laughing their heads off! Three that come instantly to mind:

  1. They say the second number first, which even after living here for awhile likes to screw me up! For example, the number 28 would be said as “eight and twenty”.
  2. The first floor is actually the second floor. (HUH) I know totally useless. They call the real first floor the ground floor and then start counting up from there. But if you are calling a friend and they say, “oh yeah, come on over I’m on the third floor”. You think to yourself, oh- only three flights of stairs, I got that under control, and then it is actually four flights! I have the same problem in the elevator! Cause then I am wondering if they actually meant the 3rd floor or if they have taken it already into consideration and meant the 4th!
  3. Lastly, I don’t know if this is the American part of me that confused it or the German cause theoretically they would be correct in this one. A 3-room apartment actually means a 2 bedroom apartment with a living room. So 4-rooms is 3 bedrooms 1 living room, and so forth. So when I wrote I am looking for a 3 bedroom apartment, it actually means a 2 bedroom apartment with a living room.

Sorry for getting sidetracked (happens to me a lot)! 🙂

Ok right, so back to the hunt! So as we are both still working while flat hunting we literally have only the option to go to viewings on the weekend. Which further narrows down the list of potentials. Plus in Germany, things that are standard in the states, like having a kitchen, lights, closets, etc. are not the norm here. So pretty much when you rent a place here you are getting an empty box. Only pro to this is that you have a little bit of room to customize. See my old kitchen:

Benefits of not having a built in kitchen is that you get to add one in yourself!
Benefits of not having a built in kitchen is that you get to add one in yourself!

However, with installing a kitchen comes all sorts of headaches, costs, and time estimations (usually you estimate wrong and it takes double the time).

Ok, back to search again 🙂 We drove up for a weekend and ran around like a nut all day Saturday. This is the apartment that tugs our heart strings! (AND OMG it has a kitchen! Is a double win)!

Flat we are hoping to get! With even a kitchen inside!
Flat we are hoping to get! With even a kitchen inside!

Now let the wait begin…

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Moving & 7 Months Pregnant

I am pretty sure I have heard many people say that moving is one of the most stressful things in life, well I have officially taken that to the next level of stress while attempting a move while 7 months pregnant. One might ask, what on earth would possess a couple to move in this already stressful time in life? But I like to say I live adventurously. My friends say I am like the annoying toddler that you can see is exhausted and head bobbing in the backseat but who refuses to shut their eyes and go to bed. In all actuality though, my “Lebenspartner”, as he is titled in German, I prefer to say my soul mate, Sascha, got offered a better job. On top of that, lively Berlin is simply more affordable than pretty Munich. Trust me you don’t even want to Google ‘daycare prices in Munich’, your jaws will drop. Pretty much, my advice to all people moving (but especially the pregnant ones), is to take a lot of short breaks, a lot of deep breaths, and just keep telling yourself that the hard work will pay off.

This is when the move still look organized...
This is when the move still look organized…


Talking a little break during the move!
Talking a little break during the move
Strawberries, Cream, and Granola! Pretty much can cheer anyone up!
Strawberries, Cream, and Granola! Pretty much can cheer anyone up!