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Easy DIY Dresser to Changing Table, Wickeltisch

Like lots of other couples living in apartments, we knew right away that our dresser would need to double up as a changing table. The IKEA Hemnes dresser, ended up being a great option for us, I am quite leggy, and wanted something that I didn’t need to constantly hunch over, and it has such great storage possibilities! Half the drawers are actually still empty (which apartment dwellers know is very very rare). 😛 I will use the half empty drawers to stock up on diapers. But first, I need meet Baby H to see how big he is before I stock up. 🙂

Hemnes Diaper Storage


So to help protect the dresser a bit, I bought a simple colorless and odorless Beeswax. You can purchase this from any hardware store or if you do purchase your dresser from Ikea they also sell it. Then with a simple paper towel, I rubbed (pretty hard) the wax in. I was just going to do the top layer, but then I thought about my friend’s children and crayons, and decided it wouldn’t hurt to do the entire dresser! 😀 The entire process took only 10 minutes.

Beeswax protection

The only other ‘extra protection’ I did, was I slipped a disposable changing pad mat underneath the 3 layered cloth changing pad. I chose a cloth layered pad because winters can be pretty rough here and I can not imagine putting Baby H on a ice cold plastic pad. Plus, everyone knows what they say when you change baby boy diapers with cold air! 😛

I still have a lot of finishing touches and more art & photos that I need to put up… but here is the result of the repurposed dresser:

Changing Table/Wickeltisch


DIY Sister Entry #2

So my sister is totally getting ahead of me with the DIY projects 🙂 I figure she has two large advantages:

1. She has access to my mom’s attic- endless supply of potential and fun to hack furniture.

2. She is not pregnant 😛 (lol, seriously my motivation at this time is trying to get all the laundry done before the baby enters our lives).

This is her lastest project that I am trying to attempt her to give to me as a gift! She found an old night table in the attic, removed the drawers, sanded it for hours, and then primed it. She was debating what color to paint it, and finally decided on a colder white with very light blue undertones. She then put the original handles back on the dresser.

Almost finished!
Almost finished!


Still not 100% satisfied with her project, she spray painted the handles a brassy gold color! The result is awesome! Dresser still looks vintage but with a nice modern and clean vibe.

Final Result
Final Result

Now I just need to persuade her to ship it to me! 🙂

DIY Sister

To celebrate my baby sister’s Birthday, I decided to dedicate a post just to her! She has also caught the DIY/Pinterest bug, but is too shy to share some of her handiwork, which is why it is great that she has got a big sister to do it for her 😉

The original chair she found at Goodwill for under $10, she then stripped the old fabric off, cleaned the chair, and using a staple gun and numerous attempts at folding, (while distracting her dog, Nahli who for unknown reasons has an obsession with this chair) fixed the new fabric to it. In one day a complete chair renovation! Pretty impressive! I will add more of her DIY work as it comes in!

Before and After of the chair:

Baby Sister's Handiwork!
Baby Sister’s Handiwork!

The chair, and a happy Nahli, in its new home! 🙂

New Chair + Happy Dog